Surprise Notes

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General questions

How will I get my notes?

Your notes will be emailed immediately to the address you supplied when you completed your purchase.

How do I use the 12up pdf sheet?

After you have downloaded your note sheet, simply print it out on the paper stock of your choice.

Cut up the sheet into individual notes.

Then use the single notes as the opportunity arises!

Mark likes to keep a stock-pile on top of the fridge, so they are handy in the morning when he makes the kids’ lunches.

What about my security and privacy?

For your security, orders on Surprise Notes are encrypted with SSL technology.

Your information sent via the Internet will arrive privately and unaltered, to our server only. is a secure site and all credit cards are processed through the security of our Paypal payment gateway.

Once you place an order you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order and displaying your download link.

On your credit card statement your order will be listed as: PAYPAL *SURP NOTES 4029357733.

Any personal details we receive from you as a result of an inquiry or order will be kept secure. We do not keep credit card details and we do not share your details with anyone. Ever.



Fundraising questions

Do we need to sell a minimum amount?

No, you do not have to reach any sales target.

However, your group needs to earn a minimum of $50 in commissions in a month to receive your payment.

If you don’t meet the target for that month, sales are rolled into the next month.

Sales will stay in our system for up to 12 months.

This process will continue for as long as you keep fundraising with Surprise Notes.

Put simply, you sign up once, and you get paid a commission each month that you have earned $50 or more, for as long as you wish.

How does the money get allocated to our organisation?

You will be emailed a special online link that you can use on your website, or on other websites. When people click on that link to get to Surprise Notes, all their purchases on that visit will automatically direct commission to you.

If someone arrives at Surprise Notes in some other way, they can simply select your organisation from the list on the site to ensure that all fundraising commissions from their purchases go to you.

What will we be sent to help us promote Surprise Notes so we make more money?

You will be sent:

  • A printable flyer with your organisation’s name on it
  • An online banner ad, with a built in link that you can, if you wish, put on your school, club or other websites.
  • Online ads, also with built in links, that you can use online or in emails you might send out to promote your fundraising efforts.

How can we update our organisation’s details?

We understand that the contact person for your group’s fundraising may change.

You can go into your account and change your details at any time.

How do we get our commission?

After you have registered for fundraising, we will ask you for your banking details.

Any commission you earn will be deposited to your bank at the end of each month (or agreed fundraising period).

A statement will be issued to your registered contact email address.

How is the commission calculated?

Your group’s commission is based on the total sales, including any GST.

How much money can I earn for my school with Surprise Notes?