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Our story

Who are we? The story of Surprise Notes...

Surprise Notes is the brain child of three Australian mothers, Jill, Lynne and Naomi.

We all faced the challenge of school fundraising.

Oh, for an idea that was easy and that everyone would like (and that didn’t involve heaps of work or junk food)!

Then one day, Naomi was asked by her daughter to send a little note in her lunchbox every day “like my friend’s mum does”.

Coming up with a new message at 8.17am every morning was just too hard around the chaos of tennis racquets, guitars, shoes, readers, swimmers and fruit snack. So Naomi started writing and printing notes a few weeks in advance.


We realised that this idea had potential. Not only could ‘surprise notes’ (which is what all this rolled up into) be a good thing to encourage the spreading of love, appreciation and random acts of kindness, they would help schools and clubs raise money!

So was born.

We began looking around at what was available for inspiration, and realised that what was needed was meaningful notes written by good copywriters, and fine design to make them appealing.

Since Jill was a copywriter, and Lynne a brilliant designer, that was perfect.

Our assorted children, partners, friends and family have provided plenty of blunt feedback about what was “embarrassing”, “cute”, “not funny”, “funny”.


Being creative and imaginative types, we quickly progressed to love notes, joke notes, notes for blokes and many other ideas.

We hope you enjoy them. You can never have too many random acts of kindness.

Jill and Lynne

PS. Naomi, after coming up with this brilliant idea, decided not to be part of But we want to acknowledge her for her contribution and thank her for sharing it with us.