10 tips for successful fundraising
with Surprise Notes

  1. Promote it in your school or club newsletter
  2. Put an ad or banner (supplied) on your school or club website. When anyone clicks on it to get to the site, everything they buy will automatically be included when your commission is calculated
  3. Promote it on your Twitter or Facebook page
  4. Ask others (local business, parents, club members) to put a linked ad (supplied) on their website
  5. Hold a stall to promote SurpriseNotes at a local market
  6. Give prizes to the people who can raise the most funds
  7. Ask local retailers if they’ll display your SurpriseNotes flyer on their counter to support your school or group
  8. Hold SurpriseNote parties – invite people over for a snack or meal and invent ways to use the notes
  9. Start publishing stories in a blog or newsletter about how people have used your SurpriseNotes
  10. Ask every child in your school or member of your club to purchase a minimum quantity when they make their online order.
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with Surprise Notes

  1. Jill Ruchel says:

    Hey, thanks for your interest. We’ll make an effort to update it more often now we know you’re watching. Have a terrific festive season and remember – share the love.

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