10 tips for successful fundraising
with Surprise Notes

  1. Promote it in your school or club newsletter
  2. Put an ad or banner (supplied) on your school or club website. When anyone clicks on it to get to the site, everything they buy will automatically be included when your commission is calculated
  3. Promote it on your Twitter or Facebook page
  4. Ask others (local business, parents, club members) to put a linked ad (supplied) on their website
  5. Hold a stall to promote SurpriseNotes at a local market
  6. Give prizes to the people who can raise the most funds
  7. Ask local retailers if they’ll display your SurpriseNotes flyer on their counter to support your school or group
  8. Hold SurpriseNote parties – invite people over for a snack or meal and invent ways to use the notes
  9. Start publishing stories in a blog or newsletter about how people have used your SurpriseNotes
  10. Ask every child in your school or member of your club to purchase a minimum quantity when they make their online order.
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The simple joy created by random acts of kindness

The other day, my son snuggled up to me.

“I need a hug”, he said. “And I’m told you get the best ones here.”

It reminded me how much it means to get an unexpected affirmation.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. It doesn’t matter how old or how young they are (even mums, who are supposed to be the givers of all hugs).

And no matter how much they might brush it off, you can’t help but see the little smile and the pleasure in their eyes.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how important the people you care about are to you. We all get caught up in the day to day pressures of life, and we don’t always remember to tell people how much we appreciate them.

That’s what Surprise Notes are all about. Spreading a bit of love and appreciation. Random acts of kindness. You can make someone’s day.

Children thrive on praise. It reinforces good behaviour. It makes them feel loved and secure.

Teenagers desperately need it. As they flail around trying to find out who they are, they constantly encounter confusion, upset, nastiness, competition and negativity. And sometimes their behaviour is not the most lovable. But that’s when they need appreciation the most.

So we hope you enjoy Surprise Notes. They’re lovely as lunch box notes for adults and children alike. And they’re wonderful love notes, for a wife or husband, partner, friend or lover.

So go ahead. Spread some love and appreciation.


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